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File:Rheinturm - Rheinblick.jpg
Rheinkniebrücke connects Oberkassel with Unterbilk

District 4 (Template:Lang-de) is a city district of Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It covers an area of 12,80 square kilometres and (as of December 2009) has about 40,000 inhabitants.

District 4 is the city's only left-Rhenish district and its quarters are popular residential areas. Across the river, it shares borders with Düsseldorf districts 5, 1 and 3. West and South-west, the district is bordered by Rhein-Kreis Neuss and the city of Neuss.


District 4 is made up of four Stadtteile (city parts):

# City part Population (2009) Area (km²) Pop. per km²
041 Oberkassel 17,154 3,87 4,433
042 Heerdt 9,368 4,15 2,257
043 Lörick 7,382 2,66 2,775
044 Niederkassel 5,589 2,05 2,674
source: Amt für Statistik und Wahlen der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf Template:De icon

Places of interest

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

  • Largest Fair on the Rhine (only during July)


  • St. Antonius, Oberkassel

Parks and open spaces

  • Rheinwiesen


The district is served by numerous railway stations and highway. Stations include a dense net of both Düsseldorf Stadtbahn light rail- and Rheinbahn tram-stations. The district can also be reached via Bundesautobahn 57 and Bundesstraße 7.

Rhine bridges

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