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Template:Otheruses Template:Infobox settlement Dogana is a town and a civil parish (curazia) in the north-eastern corner of San Marino in the Serravalle municipality (castle). The town is the most populated settlement in the republic.<ref name=a>Template:It icon Serravalle and Dogana at</ref>


The town is situated at the northernmost point of San Marino after Falciano, close to the borders with Italy (at Cerasolo Ausa, a frazione of Coriano, in the province of Rimini).


It has a population of roughly 7,000. Due to its size, in 2006 it has asked to split away from Serravalle and become its own castello, but in 2007 the proposal was refused.<ref name=a/> A partial autonomy is reflected in Dogana's having its own postal code (47891), while the rest of Serravalle carries the designation 47899.


Dogana is the main entry point for travellers arriving into San Marino from Italy (by freeway no. 72 from Rimini). Although Dogana means customs house in Italian, there are no border formalities anywhere on the border between Italy and San Marino, so the motorists may stop in Dogana only to shop at one of its shopping malls.


The local football team is the Juvenes.


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