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Don FM was an influential London pirate radio station, which along with a handful of other stations, critical in the development of breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum and bass music.<ref name="donfmarticle">Simon Reynolds | Rave and jungle on UK pirate radio (June 1998)</ref> It first broadcast in November 1992 on the frequency of 105.7FM from a tower block in Wandsworth. On the 28th March 1994, it ceased broadcasting to apply for a temporary Restricted Service License. It achieved this and transmitted legally for 4 weeks from 28 August 1994 on 100.5FM to London, and remains the only pirate radio station of its genre to have done so. Don FM Ltd was incorporated on 17 June 1994 and had its registered office at 13 Bowerdean St, Fulham. Don FM returned as a pirate on the frequency of 107.9FM from early 1995 until April 1997. It was briefly revived in 2007 in conjunction with their offshoot Flex.

Don FM has produced a number of today's highly respected jungle, drum and bass and garage DJs, MCs and artists, such as DJ Trace, Ed Rush, Matt Cantor of The Freestylers, Mark Force of Bugz in the Attic, DJ Dee Kline, Hyperactive, G-Force, and Stevie A.



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