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Dristor is a major metro station in Bucharest. Its name comes from Dristor street which used to be the road that led to Silistra (also called Dristor or Drâstor, now in Bulgaria), on which one of the exits is located. It is located on the Bd. Camil Ressu - ?oseaua Mihai Bravu - Calea Dude?ti junction. The part of the station at the end of metro line 1 is called Dristor 2; the other half of the station is Dristor 1, where trains of metro line M1/M3 pass through. Having two separately named parts of the station can cause confusion for people because both parts of the station have metro line M1 either passing through, which occurs at Dristor 1, or terminating and beginning service at Dristor 2. Through poor signage, this can cause confusion for passengers wanting to reach stations on metro line M1 through not knowing which station at Dristor to use.

Dristor 1 is where M3 service and through M1 service stops. It is above Dristor 2 and has one island platform.

Dristor 2 has one island platform and is the terminus of line M1. A passageway at the south end of the platform connects it to Dristor 1.

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