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Durrants is a hotel located in London on George Street.

It was established in 1789.<ref name="PorterPrince2010">Template:Cite book</ref> Several houses have been incorporated into the building's structure by the Miller family, who have owned the hotel since 1921.<ref name="PorterPrince2010"/><ref name="PorterPrince2010 2">Template:Cite book</ref><ref name="GHG"/> It has 92 rooms.<ref name="Olson2010">Template:Cite book</ref> The hotel is opposite the Wallace Collection, which features fine and decorative arts from the 15th to 19th century in 25 galleries.<ref name="Olson2010"/> The hotel underwent refurbishment in the early 2000s when twenty rooms were renovated and a new head chef Pascal Valée joined the premises.<ref name="GHG">Template:Cite book</ref>


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