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The Edificio España (Template:Lang-es) is one of the tallest buildings in Madrid, Spain. With 25 stories and a height of Template:Convert, it is the 8th tallest building of the Spanish capital, along the Cuatro Torres Business Area highrise buildings. It is also one of the better examples of 20th century architecture in Spain. It was designed by architect Julián Otamendi (architect of the nearby Torre de Madrid) and his brother, engineer Joaquín Otamendi in the Neo-baroque style and constructed from 1948 to 1953. It was the tallest building in Spain until overtaken by the Torre de Madrid in 1957. The building formerly contained a Crowne Plaza Hotel, a shopping centre, apartments, offices, and a rooftop swimming pool. Since its sale in 2005, it has been vacant awaiting renovation into luxury residences. The facade and the lobby will be preserved intact but the remaining structural elements will be modified. Its profile, on Plaza de España at the end of the Gran Via, compliments the neighboring skyscraper Torre de Madrid, making the pair important architectural landmarks in the city.<ref name="20minutos"/>

File:Edificio España.jpg
The edificio España, in the 1950s.

Metrovacesa, which owned the structure since its completion, marketed it in April 2005 along with the neighboring Torre de Madrid and other properties in its portfolio to help finance its acquisition of French property company, Gecina.<ref name="2bidders">Template:Cite news</ref> In June of that year, the investment fund of Santander Real, acquired 50% of the building for €138.6 million and committed to purchase the remaining 50%, belonging to the hotel, shortly thereafter. The deal closed in early December 2007. Santander plans to renovate the building, but states that acquiring the necessary approvals in Madrid always takes time. The structure has been vacant awaiting work to begin since the sale.<ref name="20minutos">Template:Cite web</ref>


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