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The barracks of the Eisenbahnbataillon (literally Railroad Battalion)

The Eisenbahnkaserne (literally Railroad kaserne) [barracks] was a military facility in Munich existing from 1890 to 1976. The "Kasernement des Eisenbahnbataillons" (Kasernement of the Railroad Battalion) was built in 1888 and 1889. It was located in the west of today's Olympiapark near Dachauer Straße, where the Munich Bundeswehr Administration Center is currently located.


The facility was originally and mainly used by the Railroad Battalion of the Bavarian army (it belonged to the I Royal Bavarian Corps), which was transferred from Ingolstadt to Munich in 1890.<ref name="münchen.de">Militär (German)</ref> After World War II the barracks were used by the Bundeswehr.

At the beginning of the 1970s a part of the area was sold for the construction of the Olympiapark. Another part was torn down for the construction of the Rechenzentrum der Bundeswehr, (the Bundeswehr Computer Center), a canteen, and the administration office building of the Wehrbereichsverwaltung VI (Military District Administration VI), currently the Munich branch of the Wehrbereichsverwaltung South, Stuttgart. In the middle of the 1970s the southern part of the area was sold for the construction of residential buildings, and the former Wehrbereichskommando VI (Military District Command VI) moved from the Eisenbahnkaserne to the Waldmann-Kaserne.

A war memorial near Dachauer Straße remembers the former Bavarian railroad troops of World War I. It was originally constructed by Karl Badberger in 1922, and was destroyed in 1945 during World War II. It was rebuilt in 1965.

The still existing historical buildings in the North of the Hedwig-Dransfeld-Allee are some of the few remained military structures in Munich from theu 19th century. The main building has been rented by the Munich Studentenwerk since 2003 and was converted into a student housing building by the architect Christoph Maas, who had to meet the official historic preservation requirements. Maas was awarded the "Honour award of exemplary redevelopment" by the city of Munich in 2005.<ref name="Ehrenpreis 2005">Studentenwohnanlage Hedwig-Dransfeld-Allee (German), Munich Studentenwerk, 2006.</ref>

Current users of the area have been, amongst others, the Munich branch of the Military District Administration South, the Bundeswehr Medical Office (since 2002), the Truppendienstgericht Süd (Military Court South), the Kreiswehrersatzamt Munich (District Recruiting Office Munich), the Bundeswehr Service Center Munich, a shop of the clothing company LH Bundeswehr Bekleidungsgesellschaft and the Bavarian association of the Technisches Hilfswerk.

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