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Template:Infobox Diplomatic Mission The Embassy of Ukraine in Prague is the diplomatic mission of Ukraine in Czech Republic.


Following independence, Ukraine 24 August 1991, the Czechoslovakia recognized Ukraine December 8, 1991 year. January 30 1992, between Ukraine and Czechoslovakia was established diplomatic relations. Ukraine was one of the first countries in the world with which the Czech Republic established diplomatic relations - January 1, 1993, the first day of the existence of the Czech Republic as an independent state. Ukraine opened a consulate and an honorary consulate in Brno.

Previous Ambassadors

  1. Maxim Slavinsky (1919)
  2. Myhaylo Levitsky (1921-1923)
  3. Roman Lubkivsky (1992-1995)
  4. Andriy Ozadovsky (1995-1999)
  5. Sergiy Ustych (1999-2004)
  6. Ivan Kuleba (2004-2009)
  7. Ivan Hrycak (2009-2012)
  8. Borys Zaychuk (2012 -)

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