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The Fernmeldeturm Berlin (Telecommunications Tower Berlin) is a telecommunication tower located atop the Schäferberg hill in Berlin-Wannsee. The tower was built between 1961 and 1964, and is not open to the public. Owner and operator of the site is Deutsche Funkturm (DFMG), a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

The Fernmeldeturm Berlin is Template:Convert tall, and its steel-reinforced concrete shaft extends to a height of Template:Convert. Between Template:Convert in elevation, the tower houses six floors for technical equipment. This currently consists of transmitters for DVB-T digital television, analog FM radio, and newer DAB and DMB digital radio.

From 1964 to the early nineties, the tower was also used to implement an over horizon radio relay link to the rest of West Germany (counterparts at Torfhaus and Clenze). To that end the tower was equipped with two parabolic dish antennas, each Template:Convert in diameter, which were mounted on the lower portion of the tower. They were removed in 1996. Because of these aerials, the Fernmeldeturm Berlin had to be designed to withstand triple the wind loading of the comparably sized TV tower in Stuttgart. The concrete shaft is thus Template:Convert in diameter at the bottom, with a wall thickness of Template:Convert. At the Template:Convert mark, the shaft is nigh Template:Convert in diameter.

Directly adjacent to the Fernmeldeturm Berlin is a free standing steel framework tower, which formerly supported two Template:Convert diameter parabolic aerials for an over horizon radio relay link, but these have since been removed. It is now predominantly used for cellular network aerials.

Since 2001, the Fernmeldeturm Berlin is also used for transmissions in the medium-wave range on 1485 kHz in DRM mode. Since the tower was not designed to accommodate this frequency range, a long wire aerial was installed for this purpose.


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