Fonte di Fata Morgana

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Fonte della Fata Morgana

The Fonte di Fata Morgana (in English: Fata Morgana's Spring), locally called the Casina delle Fate (Summerhouse of the Fates), at Grassina, not far from Florence, Italy, in the comune of Bagno a Ripoli, is a small garden building, built in 1573–4 as a garden feature in the extensive grounds of the Villa Riposo of Bernardo Vecchietti on the slope of the hill called Fattucchia.

It is among that group of artificial garden grottoes and nympheums made for private gardens, and less well known than more visited examples, such as in the Boboli Gardens or the Medici villa at Pratolino. The Fonte di Fata Morgana is enriched with sculptures in the manner of Giambologna. Template:Coord