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Fontvieille is the newest of the four traditional quarters (districts) in the principality of Monaco, and one of ten Wards for modern administrative purposes. It is located in the western part of Monaco. New plans exist to extend Fontvieille, due to Monaco's growing economy and population.


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Fontvieille, Monaco

In contrast to the other city districts Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo and La Condamine, Fontvieille was constructed, after Italian engineer Gianfranco Gilardini's design, almost entirely on artificially reclaimed land and thus represents one of the younger parts of the principality. In order to combat the chronic land shortage in the extremely densely populated principality, the work was begun in 1966 to create new land in the Mediterranean Sea southwest of le rocher. In 1981, the then Crown Prince Albert (since April 6, 2005 Albert II, Prince of Monaco) laid the cornerstone for the new city quarter.

The existence of Fontvieille, and its many public works projects, relates substantially to former Prince of Monaco, Prince Rainier III's reputation as the Builder Prince.

Plans announced in late 2009 to extend Fontvieille by the Department of Urban Development are currently being overseen by Prince Albert. The plan is to build a small 0.05 km² (0.02 sq mi) or 5.3 ha (13 acres) aura on the west side of the rock, currently planned to be finished by 2015. The new aura will include 3 to 4 new hotels, corporate businesses, shops and apartments for between 600-800 new comers.

Despite not being the highest priced part of Monaco, flats are also very expensive. For example 32 m² studio with 1 bathroom, 1 cellar, and 1 car parking space, can cost 990,000 €(about $1,277,914).


Fontvieille represents the southwestern portion of the city state, which in an area of Template:Convert or Template:Convert. accommodates a population 3,602 (census of population 2008).

4 hectares of Fontvieille are given over to the Fontvieille Park and Princess Grace Rose Garden.<ref name='Mon'>Template:Cite web</ref>

Stade Louis II

Fontvieille contains Stade Louis II (or Louis II Stadium), which serves as the home ground of AS Monaco FC, a Monaco football club that is one of the most successful in the French national league; the stadium also contains the club's offices and the International University of Monaco (IUM). The ground also hosted the European Super Cup, an annual event pitting the winners of the top UEFA club competitions, the Champions League and Europa League, between 1998 and 2012.


The district also contains Monaco Heliport, which provides frequent links to Nice Airport in neighboring France, with connections to direct flights to New York, London, and other important European destinations.

Columbus Hotel Monaco, which was owned by former racing driver David Coulthard, is located in Fontvieille.

Venturi and its subsidiary Voxan are headquartered on the northern side of Fontvieille.

Notable residents

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  • Björn Borg; Swedish professional tennis player.<ref name=autogenerated1>Template:Cite news</ref><ref>Bjorn Borg personal information, latest news, accomplishments and more</ref>
  • Boris Becker; German professional tennis player.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
  • David Coulthard; Scottish professional road racing driver.<ref name=autogenerated2>Template:Cite news</ref>
  • David Barclay; English entrepreneur.<ref name="Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo">Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo</ref>
  • Eddie Irvine; Irish professional road racing driver.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
  • Firoz Kassam; Tanzanian real estate entrepreneur.<ref name=autogenerated2 />
  • Frederick Barclay; English entrepreneur.<ref name="Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo"/>
  • Ken Bates; English hotelier.<ref name=autogenerated2 />
  • Ken McCulloch; English hotelier.<ref name=autogenerated2 />
  • Lewis Hamilton; English professional road racing driver.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
  • Luciano Pavarotti; Italian operatic tenor.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
  • Michael Schumacher; German professional road racing driver.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
  • Nico Rosberg; German professional road racing driver.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
  • Tom Boonen; Belgian professional road bicycle racer.

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