Fontvieille Park and Princess Grace Rose Garden

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File:Monaco Roseraie Princesse Grace.jpg
Kees Verkade's statue of Kelly in the Princess Grace Rose Garden

The Fontvieille Park and the Princess Grace Rose Garden are two municipal parks in the Fontvieille district of Monaco.<ref name='Mon'>Template:Cite web</ref> The parks are a combined 4 hectares in size, and are open daily from dawn to dusk.<ref name='Mon'/>

The rose garden was created in 1984 as a memorial to Princess Grace of Monaco, the consort of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Grace is commemorated in a statue by Kees Verkade in the rose garden, which features 4,000 roses.<ref name="Sale1999">Template:Cite book</ref> The park was enlarged by 1.52km for the 30th anniversary of its foundation.<ref name='Mon'/>

The park features a sculpture trail, notable pieces include Cavalleria Eroica by Arman, and a clenched fist by César.<ref name="FacarosPauls2007">Template:Cite book</ref>