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Fort Monostor (Template:Lang-hu) (also referred to as Fort Sandberg) is a fort is situated close to the city of Komárno, Slovakia. It was built between 1850 and 1871.<ref name="built1">Bizubova, Maria et al. The Slovak-Austrian-Hungarian Danubeland, p.278 (2nd ed. 2001) (ISBN 978-0865165281)</ref> After World War II the Soviets built the biggest ammunition storage in the Fortress of Monostor. Thousands of wagons of ammunition were forwarded from the strictly guarded objects.<ref name="stop1">(19 June 2007). Búcsú a szovjetekt?l: csak a rom maradt, (in Hungarian), Retrieved November 24, 2010</ref> One of a series of forts in the area, Monostor is open to the public as a museum.<ref name="museum">(8 March 2007). Komárom- One City In Two Countries,, Retrieved November 24, 2010</ref>

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