Fortune Green

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Template:Refimprove Template:Coord Template:Infobox UK place Fortune Green was originally part of the district of Hampstead but became physically separated from it by the building of the new turnpike road (now Finchley Road) in the 1830s.

Lying on the south-west side of the Finchley Road, Hampstead town council decided to build its overflow cemetery there in the 1840s. A guide to the cemetery, with short biographies of selected grave occupants with map of their location and illustrations of the more prominent monuments was published in 2000.

It now lies in the London Borough of Camden.

Nearby places

  • Childs Hill (to the north)
  • Frognal / Hampstead (to the east)
  • West Hampstead (to the south)
  • Kilburn (to the south-west)
  • Mapesbury (to the west)
  • Cricklewood (to the north-west)



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