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France 3 Alsace is a regional television service and part of the France 3 network. Serving the Alsace region from its headquarters in Strasbourg, France 3 Alsace produces regional news, sport, features and entertainment programming.


RTF Télé-Strasbourg began broadcasting on 15 October 1953. In 1964, RTF was replaced with ORTF by the government, with RTF Télé-Strasbourg becoming ORTF Télé-Strasbourg. After the de-establishment of ORTF on 6 January 1975, ORTF Télé-Strasbourg became FR3 Alsace. Following the establishment of France Télévisions on 7 September 1992, FR3 Alsace was rebranded France 3 Alsace.



France 3 Alsace produces two daily region-wide news programmes - a 15 to 20-minute bulletin (midi-pile) at 1200 CET during 12|13 and the main half-hour news at 1900 during 19|20. Two 10-minute sub-regional bulletins, Strasbourg-Deux Rives (serving Bas-Rhin) and France 3 Haute-Alsace (serving Haut-Rhin) are broadcast during 19|20 at 1845 CET.

Rund um, a short bulletin in the Alsatian language with French subtitles, is also aired each weekday after the regional 12|13 bulletin.

On 5 January 2009, a 5-minute late night bulletin was introduced, forming part of Soir 3.

Non-news programming

  • Triangle
  • C'est mieux le matin
  • Vis à vis
  • 7 jours en Alsace et Le Mag (Current affairs debate)
  • Européos (programme on Europe and European institutions)
  • Sportshow (a weekly sport programme)
  • La voix est libre (debate show)
  • Gsuntheim (Alsatian-language weekend magazine)
  • Sür un Siess (cooking programme, also in Alsatian)


France 3 Alsace has an annual budget of €20.4 million (£14.3 m, $29.3 m) (roughly 2% of the national budget of France 3).

Broadcast area

As well as the target coverage area of Alsace, France 3 Alsace also broadcasts to Basel in Switzerland and parts of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, counting to an overall potential audience of around 2.5 million people (including 1.8 million in Alsace).

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