Frankfurter Allee

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File:Frankfurter Allee - Frankfurter Tor.JPG
Frankfurter Allee looking towards Frankfurter Tor

The Frankfurter Allee is one of the oldest roads of Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It extends the Karl-Marx-Allee from Frankfurter Tor in the direction of the city of Frankfurt (Oder). It is part of Bundesstraße 1 and has a length of Template:Convert.

Line Template:BVG lines of the city's U-Bahn runs beneath the length of Frankfurter Allee. The U-Bahn stations of Frankfurter Tor, Samariterstraße, Frankfurter Allee, Magdalenenstraße and Lichtenberg are all under or adjacent to the street. Frankfurter Allee and Lichtenberg stations are also served by the city's S-Bahn.




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