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The Frankfurter Tor (Frankfurt Gate) is a large square in the inner city Friedrichshain locality of Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It is situated in the centre of the district, at the intersection of Karl-Marx-Allee and Frankfurter Allee (the eastbound federal highways No. 1 and No. 5) with the Warschauer Straße and Petersburger Straße ring road (federal highway No. 96a).

The square was named after the 18th century city gate on the road to Frankfurt (Oder), which however was located ca. 850 m (2800 ft) westwards near Weberwiese station. The prominent twin towers were built between 1953 and 1956 as part of the Stalinallee ensemble according to plans designed by Hermann Henselmann. Resembling the two cathedrals on Gendarmenmarkt they are significant examples of the Stalinist architectural style.

The Frankfurter Tor station, on the city's U-Bahn line Template:BVG lines, is located under the square.