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The French National School for the Judiciary (French: École nationale de la magistrature or ENM) is a French post-graduate school, where French judges and public prosecutors are trained. The institution was created in 1959 as the "National Centre for Judicial Studies" (French: Centre national d'études judiciaires). It became the French National School for the Judiciary in 1972. It is located in Bordeaux and has premises in Paris.

Initial training

The aim of the training provided by the ENM is to form a corps of judges and public prosecutors who are suitable for all posts on the bench as well as in the public prosecution service in first instance courts. The judicial functions are :

  • Tribunal de Grande Instance judge
  • Instance (small claims) Court judge
  • Investigating judge
  • Juvenile Court judge
  • Probation judge
  • Deputy Public Prosecutor

A prospective judge or deputy public prosecutor must complete a Bachelor in Law (which requires three years of study) and a Master in Law (which requires two years of study) before entering the National School for the Judiciary. Admission is made through an entrance examination, which people generally take after completing dedicated studies in post-graduate preparatory class (Institut d'études judiciaires).Template:Cn

In 2011, 1 635 people were candidates; among them, 238 were invited to oral examinations, and 176 were admitted. French citizenship is required for admission to the French National School for the Judiciary.

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