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Template:Infobox settlement Fuenlabrada is a city and municipality located in the Madrid Metropolitan Area in the autonomous community of Madrid in central Spain. It is located to the southwest of the community, 22,5 km from the capital, and had a population of 197,836 in 2009. Is the fourth biggest town of Madrid after the capital, Móstoles and Alcalá de Henares. The name of Fuenlabrada comes probably from the name of Fuente Labrada (something like "cut fountain" or "dug fountain") because of a fountain which was built in a current district of the city called Loranca, which was the central point from which Fuenlabrada began to expand around the 12th century. The expansion was produced too because of the migrations of several young people in the 1980s. The municipality had 18.442 inhabitants in 1975. Famous people from Fuenlabrada include ex-Liverpool and current Chelsea FC striker Fernando Torres, and Real Zaragoza goalkeeper Roberto.


Fuenlabrada has good connections with Madrid, Móstoles, Getafe, Alcorcón and Leganés with the line 12 of the Madrid Metro (called metrosur in the south area) and the city has 5 large tube stations:

  • Loranca
  • Hospital de Fuenlabrada
  • Parque Europa
  • Fuenlabrada Central
  • Parque de los Estados

As for the railway system, Fuenlabrada is connected with Madrid thanks to the line C-5 the Cercanías Madrid and has 2 stations:

  • Fuenlabrada
  • La Serna-Fuenlabrada
File:Fuenlabrada Central.jpg
Fuenlabrada Central Railway (and Metro) Station.


The first news about Fuenlabrada came out 200 years later after its founding because of an ambitious project promoted by Philip II of Spain. All the cities, towns and villages received a royal order by which they were obliged to answer an extensive questionnaire about everything related to history, geography, economics, demography, customs... It is all about the historic-geographic relations of all the villages of Spain. With the many pieces of information gathered by that questionnaire an accurate report of Fuenlabrada was created in the 16th century.

Famous People From Here

Fernando Torres was born in Fuenlabrada on March 20, 1984

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