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Template:Infobox Rowing Club Furnivall Sculling Club is a rowing club based on the Tideway in Hammersmith, London. It was founded as Hammersmith Sculling Club in 1896 by Dr Frederick James Furnivall. Originally a club for women only, it opened its doors to men in 1901. The club colours are myrtle and old gold.


The club was founded by and is named after Dr Frederick Furnivall (when he was 71, in April 1896). It was at the time called the Hammersmith Sculling Club for Girls. Given his passionate opposition to discrimination, he wanted to break into the man's world of river sport, by building a club for women.

In 1901, men were admitted to full membership, and the name was changed to Furnivall Sculling Club for Girls and Men. However, at least until after the 2nd World War the captaincy was restricted to female members in honour of the original purpose of Dr Furnivall in founding the Club. Following his death in 1910, the Club honoured his memory by celebrating 'The Doctor's Birthday' for many years.

File:Furnivall Sculling Club.jpg
An octuple of Furnivall Sculling Club

Furnivall currently has over 100 members, of whom some 80 are full, active members (in addition to some social and life members).

The club underwent a major refurbishment in 2009 that resulted in the opening of the new John Robbins Room, an ergometer training area.

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