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Template:Infobox station The Giurgiu railway station is a train station in the town of Giurgiu, Romania. The station was opened in 1869 as part of the Bucharest-Giurgiu railway. Today, the station is only served by commuter (personal) trains to Bucharest, Gradistea and Videle. The Girugiu Nord railway station is located about one kilometer north of the station and is serviced by the Bosphorus Express operating between Bucharest and ?stanbul.


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Giurgiu Nord
Toward Bucharest
<center> Bucharest-Giurgiu Commuter Line <center> Terminus
<center>Giurgiu Nord
Toward Gradistea
<center> Giurgiu-Gradistea Commuter Line <center> Terminus
<center>Giurgiu Nord
Toward Videle
<center> Giurgiur-Videle Commuter Line <center> Terminus