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Goffs School is a secondary school and sixth form with academy status located in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England with around 1,200 students.

The school motto was "Sola Virtus Invicta", (roughly translates from Latin to "strength of character alone remains invincible"),<ref name=pageant>Goffs School Pageant Programme 1977</ref> however, it was recently changed to "Respect Confidence Achievement".

The school has had five head teachers to date: Dr. Colin Hadley, Dr. John Versey, Mrs. Jan Cutler, Mrs. Paula Kenning and Mrs. Alison Garner, who took over in September 2010.<ref name=prospectus08>Goffs School Information 2008/2009</ref>

In the most recent Ofsted report the school was deemed "good."


Goffs School consists of six houses, each named after an influential person from history: Brontë, Churchill, Columbus, Curie, Mandela and Monet. These houses would compete in inter-house sports and enterprise competitions, and tutorial form and registration sessions would be organised in mixed year groups under each house. However, changes introduced in 2009 have taken emphasis off of the house structure – form lessons now occur in year groups, and many inter-house championships have not been reformed to fit the new system. The six-house structure was introduced in 2002; the original house structure consisted of four houses: Davies, Booker, Morgan and Trayhern.<ref name=prospectus75>Goffs School Prospectus 1975</ref> House events often took place including charitable activities towards each house's chosen charity. Since 2011 the house system been re-launched in a four-house structure while keeping the current form system, with the four houses being named after 'modern British heroes': Holmes, Pratchett, Branson and Westwood. Inter-house championships and competitions are being re-introduced within this system to reinvigorate community spirit in the school.

At the end of each year, awards are given to the house with the best achievement, best performance in the weekly quiz, and best attendance level. There is also an overall "best house" award.


Many of Goffs' sports teams have performed well at the county and in some cases national level. Aside from this, the school often runs inter-house competitions in various sports, such as rugby and a swimming gala in which students and teachers can take part.

The school hosts a sports day annually, held in the summer, which consists of track and field events.

Sporting Facilities at the school include Astro-turf, Sports Hall and a Large Field.

Notable former pupils

  • David Bentley, professional footballer
  • Richard Lewis, professional tennis player, Chair of Sport England,Chief Executive Officer The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon.
  • Suzannah Dunn, historical fiction author
  • John Linger, singer/guitarist in UK band Neils Children
  • Wayne Howsen' Principal of Al Muna school Abu Dhabi



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