Gornji Grad (Zemun)

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Gornji Grad (Serbian Cyrillic: ????? ????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Zemun.


Gornji Grad is located in the northern part of Zemun, spreading along the right bank of the Danube. It is roughly bounded by the Ugrinova?ka and Banatska streets, while other important streets include Cara Dušana and Pregrevica. Being elongated and one of the largest neighborhoods of Zemun, Gornji Grad is bordered by many other neighborhoods: Gardoš on the east, ?ukovac and Muhar on the southeast, Sava Kova?evi? on the south, Sutjeska and Zemun Ba?ka on the southwest, while in the west it extends in the direction of Nova Galenika and Gove?i Brod.


The name of the neighborhood is descriptive, meaning the "upper town", above the Gardoš hill, as opposed to the neighborhood of Donji Grad, the "lower town", below the hill. According to the 2002 Census, it had a population of 15,819. Some important facilities in the neighborhood include:

  • three stadiums, those of FK Teleoptik, FK Zemun (Zemun's City Stadium) and FK Milutinac
  • "INSA", the clockmaking factory, and "Teleoptik", the precision mechanics factory
  • large number of schools, including Higher medical school, Higher internal affairs school, Transportation school, Institute for physics and half a dozen of elementary and secondary schools, plus the Riding school and the Home for the blind and low visioned