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Template:Infobox UK school Grangewoood Independent School is an independent primary school situated in Chester Road, Forest Gate, in the London Borough of Newham, United Kingdom. It is a member of the Independent Schools Association<ref name=ISA>Independent School Association Retrieved on 2008-16-12</ref> and was last inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate between April 24–27, 2006. The school provides Christian education for boys and girls aged 3.5–11 years and is the only Christian primary school in the borough.


Early history

Grangewood Independent School was founded in September 1979 by Dr. Clive Vellacott, a Christian doctor and his wife, Susan, who were members of East Ham Baptist Church situated in East Ham. Their concern was that a God-centred education should be available in the London Borough of Newham for children of parents who cherished such an idea. The school was nevertheless open to children from other backgrounds and, over the years, the majority of children have come from Muslim, Hindu and other religious backgrounds. The parents of these children want them to receive a good education in a secure, disciplined environment and are prepared to accept that “Christianity” is an integral part of the curriculum at Grangewood.

The school opened with seven pupils for its first year in rooms in East Ham Baptist Church. In September 1980 the school moved to its present site, leasing the lower hall of the Plashet Park United Reformed Church. By this time the number of pupils had increased to twenty and, to the delight of the founders and staff, it received ‘Final Registration’ by the then Department of Education and Science.

At this time a secondary education department was commenced but it soon became obvious that this was not a viable operation and the department was closed in December 1981. The school now consisted of approximately 54 pupils in three classes with a teaching staff of three (including the Head).

Early in 1989 the church announced that it would be closing and the school obtained a short lease on the whole of the site. By September the school had increased to five classes and 90 pupils. The founders had also been giving thought to the future control of the school and Grangewood Educational Association, a company limited by guarantee, was formed to take over ownership of the school. The company obtained charitable status in June 1990 and the transferral of ownership was duly effected.

The opportunity arose to purchase the freehold of the property and, with the help of a very generous grant; the purchase was completed in November 1992.

Recent Times

In the years since, a running programme of improvement and refurbishment has transformed the school and a sixth class has been added. The total school roll (as of June 2012) was 82 pupils which includes a mixed year 5/6 class in Key Stage 2. In recent years, the school has had visits from distinguished guests which include Stephen Timms MP, and the former Mayor of the London Borough of Newham.

Head Teachers

Former Headteachers include:

Name Dates
Mrs. Beverley Roberts 2012– Present
Mrs. Bim Amoekodo<ref name=ISA/> 2008– 2012
Mrs. Carol Adams 2001–2008
Mr. Paul Hyland-Bennett 1999–2001
Mr. Brian Davies 1996–1999
Mr. Steve Sherwood TBA
Mrs. Elizabeth Allen TBA

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