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Template:Refimprove Green Street is a road in the London Borough of Newham, England. The name appears in records from the 15th century and it was the boundary of the ancient parishes of East Ham and West Ham, from the Romford Road to the marshes near The River Thames.<ref name=nh/>

File:Boleyn Public House Upton Park.jpg
The Boleyn public house on the corner of Green St and Barking Road

The southern portion is the location of the Boleyn Ground, home to West Ham United. Due to the location of the football ground, Green Street has often been the scene for football hooliganism and fan related violence including the 2009 Upton Park riot involving fans of West Ham and Millwall.<ref name=Pikeys>Template:Cite news</ref> 200px At the nearby junction with Barking Road, there is a Champions statue commemorating West Ham's players who helped win the 1966 World Cup: Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. The upper portion approaching Forest Gate was at one time called Gypsy Lane as it was once an area frequented by gypsies.<ref name=nh>Template:Cite web</ref>

Near Upton Park tube station, the road becomes a regional centre for retail in food, jewellery and fabrics, and the location of Queens Market. The road has an array of shops specialising in primarily South Asian goods, catering to those with strong cultural and familial ties to Pakistan (and, to a lesser extent, India and Bangladesh). The street also has a smaller yet prominent Afro-Caribbean community culture, reflected in its several food stores specialising in Caribbean and African foods.

Nowadays there is a very large Pakistani Muslim population living in the area.



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