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The Gubrist Tunnel is a 3.2 km long motorway tunnel in Switzerland, and forms part of the A20 motorway (northern ring around Zurich).

It lies west of the city of Zurich, in a hilly area. It is named after the hill of Gubrist, which is nearby.

The Gubrist Tunnel carries a lot of traffic (on the Berne - St. Gallen route), but is remarkably uncongested most of the timeTemplate:Citation needed. At the moment 90,000 cars/day use this tunnel, but by 2025 this number is expected to rise to 125,000.

On the 12 September 2007 the Swiss government voted for the widening of the tunnel. A third parallel tube will raise the number of the lanes from 4 to 7 (2 + 2 in direction St Gallen and 3 towards Bern). 890 Million Swiss francs will be committed for the construction of the 3.2 km long tunnel.


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