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Template:Infobox prison HM Prison Send is a closed category women's prison in the extreme south of Ripley nearer Send in Surrey, England. Its post town is Woking. The prison is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service.


A smallpox isolation hospital on its site became a prison in 1962 when it opened as a Junior Detention Centre. It remained as such until 1987 when it was re-classified as a Category C Adult Male Training Prison. Send was demolished and completely rebuilt by 1999, opening as a closed Female Training Prison.

In August 2005, a report by the Independent Monitoring Board criticised a marked increase in self-harm and suicide amongst inmates and lack of staff, whereas it praised the prison's education provision and its farms and gardens scheme.

The prison today

Send is a closed prison for adult females. In addition it also houses a 20 bed Addictive Treatment Unit, an 80 bed Resettlement Unit and a 40 bed Therapeutic Community.

HMP Sends Education Department runs Key Skills courses and NVQs in Business Administration. The Farms and Gardens department offers Floristry NVQs, and the Works Department run an industrial workshop and painting party. Prisoners held in the Resettlement Unit can also do voluntary work, attend College courses and Work Placements in the outside community.

Notable inmates

  • Jane Andrews, a friend of the Duchess of York serving a homicide life sentence (but eligible for parole after 12 years imprisonment) for killing her boyfriend Thomas Cressman.
  • Tracie Andrews, who received 14 years for murdering her fiancé Lee Harvey.
  • Chantal McCorkle, who received 18 years for fraud offenses committed in the USA.



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