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Haggerston School (previously Haggerston Girls' School) is a 900-place school in Weymouth Terrace in Haggerston, London Borough of Hackney, England. It is a Community School and dual specialist Science College and Maths and Technology College, and from September 2010 is planning to become a co-educational school with its own sixth form. The school is also noteworthy as a Grade II listed building, built in 1964-5 by Ern? Goldfinger, the celebrated modernist architect.


Haggerston School is the only English secondary school to be designed by internationally-regarded architect, Ern? Goldfinger, who studied under Auguste Perret in Paris. Goldfinger's work is unique in Britain in that it combines the influences of Perret, one of the first architects to develop the use of concrete aesthetically, with detailing and forms derived from Le Corbusier. Goldfinger knew both architects personally. The elevations of the school follow the mathematical proportions of the Golden Section and it includes a double-height circulation spine with balcony. The school is distinctive for the large amount of timber used in the construction and contains some of Goldfinger's boldest and most handsome public interiors including bush hammered concrete and coffered ceilings in the entrance and hall block.

On the same site is the School House (1964-5), and it shares a Grade II listing. The School House was designed by Ern? Goldfinger as an integral part of the School itself. The House illustrates Goldfinger's skill for adapting his interest in the use of tough materials, like dark brick and concrete, and refining them for use on a domestic scale with skilful use of proportions.



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