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Harlington School is a Foundation secondary school and sixth form located in Hayes, London, England. The School recently went through a change in logo (changing from two yellow pillars and seven small red dots in a line in the center resembling a H, to two white pillars and three coloured stripes running through the middle - Blue for Da Vinci House, Yellow for Brunel House and Red for Mandela House), and name(removing 'Community' from the school name, becoming Harlington School). To fit with the new school branding, a new website was launched using the colours found in the new school Logo. The newly designed website was made by The Mustard Agency

School uniform

Piercings are not allowed. If a student does not have the correct uniform they will be asked to remove it or will be checked if they have a note or will be given a uniform for the day. If a student does not have a PE kit they will be issued a detention or their conduct card will be signed according to the teacher they have.

  • Navy Blue V-Neck Pullover or Cardigan - compulsory
  • School Badge - compulsory
  • Plain White Polo Shirt - compulsory
  • Plain Black Trousers / Skirt
  • Plain Black or White Socks
  • Plain Black or Natural Colour Tights
  • Plain Black Low Heeled Shoes
  • Outside Jacket in Plain Dark Colours

PE Kit

  • School PE Shirt
  • School PE Shorts
  • School PE Socks
  • School Tracksuit Bottoms and Top (Optional)
  • Trainers, not plimsolls

The school has a very strict policy on the wearing of their uniform - specifically the school jacket which is forced to be worn to AND from school whatever the weather.

School motto

" Learning at our heart, at the heart of our community "


The Houses are called Da Vinci, Mandela and Brunel. Da Vinci is blue, Mandela is red and Brunel is yellow. Da Vinci won 4 House cups and Brunel & Mandela won 1 each. Mandela have the house cup currently and have the highest amount of points.

The houses are designed to unite the students and form a community of love, trust and team work. This is shown during sports week towards the end of each year where students are required to participate in a variety of activities. The intention is not only to increase their physical abilities but allow them to enjoy themselves after a year of hard work.



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