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Harris Academy Bermondsey is a secondary school located inside the London Borough of Southwark district of Bermondsey. The school takes in girls between the ages of 11 and 16 and in 2006 the school joined a federation of schools in South London called the Harris Federation named after the Lord Harris of Peckham who is sponsoring them. Prior to its transformation into an academy, the school was known as Aylwin Girls' School. The school also takes part in fundraising for annual trips to Sri Lanka in association with the Yala Fund, a charity which helps build and improve schools in towns in Sri Lanka.


The academy is located on the A2206, on Southwark Park Road. The nearest train station is South Bermondsey, which is on the South London Line and connects to Peckham and Crystal Palace, with a new station, Surrey Canal Road, possible on the proposed London Overground Orbirail connecting to Clapham Junction. The nearest tube station is on Jamaica Road called Bermondsey tube station, which is on the Jubilee Line.


The uniform changed in 2006 along with the name. Pupils were asked to decide what colours they wanted to wear on their uniforms and it was decided, through a vote, that pink was the most suitable colour. So the uniform since 2006 has changed to a navy skirt or trousers, navy suit jacket, long or short-sleeved pink open-neck Academy blouse, dark navy or black shoes, plain white, black or blue socks, plain dark tights and academy dark-coloured coat. This is now for the whole school, but the school bag is optional for 7, 8 and 9.

Student clubs

Harris Academy Bermondsey has a lineup of clubs that mainly focus on media and enterprise, but also include other subject areas. Here is a full list of the clubs available at the academy:

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Club name Time Day Year group
Breakfast Club 7:30 am Every day All years
Homework Club After school Every night All years
School Council 3:00 pm Monday KS3
Keyboard Club 3:00 pm Monday All years
Pop Choir 3:00 pm Monday KS4
History 3:00pm Monday All Years
Separate Science 3:00pm Monday Year 10&11
Computer Club 3:00 pm Monday All years
Basketball 3:00 pm Monday All years
Athletics Club 3:00 pm Monday All years
Gymnastics 3:00 pm Monday All years
Maths 3:00 pm Monday All years
Woodwind Ensemble 3:00 pm Tuesday All Years
Active Debating 3:00 pm Tuesday Year 9–10
School Council 2:00 pm Wednesday KS4
Digital Photography 3:00 pm Tuesday Year 10–11
Dance 2:00 pm Wednesday KS3
EAL 2:00 pm Wednesday KS3
French 3:15 pm Wednesday KS3
Bengali 2:00 pm Wednesday KS3 and GCSE
Turkish 2 and 3 pm Wednesday KS3 and GCSE
English 2:00 pm Wednesday Year 7
Music 2 and 3 pm Wednesday All years
Cooking Club 3:00 pm Wednesday All years
Double Science 3:00 pm Wednesday Year 11
Drama 2:00 pm Wednesday KS3
G&T BTEC 3:00pm Wednesday KS4
Computer Club 2:00 pm Wednesday All Years
Technology in Art 3:00 pm Wednesday KS4
Coursework Club 3:00 pm Wednesday KS4
Trampoline 3:00 pm Wednesday Year 7&8
GCSE Short Course P.E 3:00 pm Wednesday KS4
Maths Homework 3:00 pm Wednesday KS4
Aim Higher 3:00 pm Wednesday Year 10&11
General Vocational 3:00 pm Wednesday KS4
BMX Club 3:15–4:30 Thursday KS3

Harris Federation

Template:Main The Harris Federation of South London schools is a federation of academies in three South London boroughs. There are fourteen schools in the federation, with plans for more. The schools are all sponsored by the Lord Harris of Peckham, who is investing around £2 million into them to make new facilities and for re-development of certain schools.



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