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Hayes School is a mixed secondary school with academy status located in the village of Hayes within the London Borough of Bromley. The school is well renowned throughout the surrounding area for its sporting achievements, most notably in rugby, football and cricket, and has produced some of the highest GCSE and A Level results in the borough, and is therefore heavily over-subscribed. It is an outstanding school.

The school has approximately 1650 students, of whom 450 are in the sixth form.


The school became independent from the local Parish school in Hayes village in 1956. At this time, the school took solely male students and consisted only of Gadsden, a Victorian Gothic mansion which now houses the present day Reception, schools offices, et cetera. Soon after its opening, the school accepted students of both sexes and was mostly relocated to what is now known as A block. Further expansion followed culminating in the opening of a new C block (containing a state of the art Library unique to London at the time) and a vastly improved Music Department in 2003, and a new L block in 2006, where the School celebrated its fiftieth Anniversary with a fair, which also acted as a Fundraising event. Now there is a newly opened block for Media Studies, Drama, the Library etc. M-Block, opened in the summer of 2010 and was developed over a short-year's period from March to September.

The school gained academy status on 1 April 2011. The school's two most recent Ofsted Reports, in 2011 and 2013, both awarded the school Outstanding status.

School Productions

The school has a notable reputation for staging high quality Drama productions with 'Oh What a Lovely War' gaining the attention of the local Press and more recent Main School shows, Jesus Christ Superstar, the entirely original spectacle Alucinations, Cabaret and The Caucasian Chalk Circle demonstrating the versatility and boldness of the students and production team.

School Buildings

The school has 8 different blocks (A, B, C, D, E, G, L, and M): the newest block (M) was opened in 2010. Most blocks are split into two floors, each floor with their own subject. A Block - Split into two section in the main school building. One section is dedicated to Science; biology, chemistry and physics. The other is maths. This is made up of two square stairwells, with two classrooms on each floor. One of these classrooms in each block is used for science.

B Block - Used for many subjects. Design Technology taking up the ground floor, while upstairs is used for Art, mostly, with two classrooms used for I.C.T

C Block - Two floors. The lower floor is used for Music, and the top floor is used for I.T, with a three music practice rooms and a music storeroom.

D Block - Lower floor is used for MFL (Modern Foreign Languages. Primarily French,which all students must learn, and German and Spanish, which one 'side' of the year is taught each. The top floor is used for Humanities (History, Religious Education and Geography).

E Block - Dance Studio

G Block - Gadsden. This is an old house that has been renovated into two reception areas, one main and one for students. It also houses many offices for business and maths, with a medical room on the bottom floor, next to the Student Reception.

L Block - Used for English classes.

M - M block is used for a variety of subjects, including: English, Health, Business and Drama. There are plans for an extension onto M Block, and the building will then be used for Health and P.E lessons, as the extension is planned to be a sports hall. The school library is also located on the bottom floor of M Block. Some students have questioned the location of the school library, calling it an extension of the patriarchy ever present in all schools.

The plans for the extension have not yet been finalized.

Notable former pupils

  • Lynsey Askew - cricketer
  • Andrew Davenport - co creator of the Teletubbies
  • Lydia Greenway - cricketer
  • Gary Johnson - rugby union player
  • Richard Preddy - comedy writer
  • David Spinx - actor (Eastenders)
  • Pete Sears - musician, producer
  • Finn Jones - Actor, Game of Thrones


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