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Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUBrussel or HUB) is a European university which was founded in 2007. The HUBrussel is the result of the merger between Brussels-based colleges European University College Brussels, Vlekho, HONIM and the Catholic University of Brussels (KUBrussel).

HUBrussel offers degrees both on university (KULeuven degrees) and university college level in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking (northern) region of Belgium. Degrees are offered both in Dutch and in English.


European University College Brussels (EHSAL) was founded in 1925.

In 2008, after the merger with VLEKHO, HONIM and KUBrussel, more than 9,000 students are attending classes in undergraduate, graduate and academic advanced programmes at seven faculties. HUBrussel had five faculties in Brussels, one in Dilbeek. There used to be one in Dubai, called European University College Brussels Dubai, but this has been closed.

HUBrussel is associated with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, one of the oldest universities in Europe.


HUBrussel programmes are organised by two educational divisions

Academic bachelors and masters

The academic bachelors and masters are offered by the Catholic University of Leuven and are based around three faculties that together offer 13 undergraduate and graduate programmes:

  • Economics and management:
Commercial sciences
Business engineering
Environment, health and safety management
  • Linguistics and literature:
Applied linguistics
Interpretation, translation
Multilingual communication
  • Law

Professional bachelors

The professional bachelors include four fields of study that offer 13 undergraduate programmes:

  • Education:
Nursery teaching
Primary education
Secondary education
  • Health care:
Occupational therapy
Medical imaging
Optics and optometry
  • Social and community work:
Social work
Socio-educational care work
Family sciences
  • Commercial sciences and management
Operations management
Office management
Applied informatics


  • The number of participants in postgraduate programmes and seminars amounts to 9500
  • Over 500 regular non-EU students in degree programmes in Brussels
  • Over 100 regular (non-Belgian) EU students in degree programmes in Brussels
  • Appr. 170 inbound exchange students and 110 outbound exchange students
  • Number of staff: 1100

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