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right Hollyhock Island is a long, narrow, inhabited island in the River Thames in England on the reach above Penton Hook Lock, administratively in the extreme eastern end of Wraysbury, Berkshire in the middle of a small backwater, close to the northern bank. The centre of the town of Staines-upon-Thames is approximately five times nearer than the centre of Wraysbury village, of which the island is part.<ref name=os>Grid square map Ordnance survey website (wooded island marked to left of map). Retrieved 2013-07-13</ref>

The island is on what was the traditional Buckinghamshire bank (used upstream as far as Henley in the sport of rowing) upstream of Staines Bridge and 400 m downstream of the M25 Runnymede Bridge and is neighboured by the small Holm Island in the middle of part of its northern backwater.<ref name=os/>

The island is noted for its largest house of the two main plots, "The Nest", which was used as a hideaway by the future Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson during the 1930s.

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