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Hooley is a small village in Surrey, England. It lies in a "pass" which is the lowest crossing point of the North Downs for some distance in either direction. Both the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway and the South Eastern Railway recognised this pass as the best route out of London to Brighton and built rival railway lines through Hooley. Both lines go into tunnels just south of the village. Even before these, an extension of the Surrey Iron Railway came through this pass.

Hooley consists of houses on either side of the Brighton Road plus a few roads to the west of Brighton Road and is situated about half a mile south of the boundary of the London Borough of Croydon and about 2 miles south of Coulsdon.

It has two petrol stations, a few shops, a newsagent, a village hall, a social club and bar and a café.

It is quite distinct from Chipstead which is to the north west, except that, confusingly, St Margaret's the parish church of Chipstead, can be considered to be in Hooley (junction of Star Lane and Church Lane - Template:Coord).

To the east, about a mile by road, the new village of Netherne-on-the-Hill is being built on the site of the Victorian Netherne lunatic asylum.

A large proportion of the inhabitants of Hooley attend Sutton Grammar School, in nearby Sutton.

The M23 motorway also terminates there, despite plans for it to run much further into the south of London.



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