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For the music band, see Horsell Common (band).

Horsell Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Horsell, Surrey, England, UK. It is Template:Convert and lies near Horsell, an ancient village near the more modern Woking. It includes a Muslim Burial Ground and a number of Bronze Age barrows and protected heathland. The common has thousands of trees. There are parts of the common all over Horsell, isolated from the rest of the common by roads. The common is popular with people from Horsell and Woking Borough. There is a large amount of wildlife on the common.

The Horsell Common Preservation Society look after all parts of the common and maintain it. People can apply to be a member.

Sand pits and War Of The Worlds

thumb One of the most recognisable features of the common is the sand pits. It is roughly in the centre of the common. The sand there has been used for houses in the nearby area. The pits have been used by H.G. Wells as the site of the first Martian landing in his novel The War of the Worlds, the Martians emerge from their craft and fire the Heat-Ray at the bystanders. The sand pits have since become a site of pilgrimage for many science fiction fans.




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