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Template:Infobox GB station Horsley railway station is located in the village of East Horsley in Surrey, England.

The station is managed by South West Trains, who provide the majority of train services; Southern also provide some peak period services. It is situated on the New Guildford Line between London Waterloo (to the northeast) and Guildford (to the southwest) via Cobham, although some trains operate via Template:Stnlnk rather than Cobham.


The railway lines connecting Hampton Court Junction (near Template:Stnlnk) and Template:Stnlnk with Guildford via Template:Stnlnk were proposed in 1880 and authorised to be constructed by the London and South Western Railway. They opened on 2 February 1885. One of the stations between Effingham Junction and Guildford which opened the same day was Horsley and Ockham and Ripley; the name was simplified to Horsley in December 1914, but some timetables showed it as "Horsley for East Horsley, West Horsley, Ockham and Ripley".


South West Trains

  • 4 tph to London Waterloo, of which
  • 4 tph to Guildford

Southern (Peak Time Only)

  • 1tph to London Victoria
  • 1tph to London Bridge
  • 2tph to Guildford

On television

Horsley station doubled as Middleton station in the 1990s BBC1 show Pie in the Sky.



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