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The Hotel Graf Stadion is a historic three-star hotel, located on Buchfeldgasse 5 in Vienna's eighth district Josefstadt. The hotel was established in 1897 and is named after the Austrian statesman Johann Philipp von Stadion. The building is a protected historic landmark listed on the Austrian cultural property list.<ref name="Hist">Hotel Graf Stadion - History of the hotel in Vienna's Josefstadt, (Retrieved 2 July 2012)</ref>


The house on Buchfeldgasse Nr. 5 was built in 1825 by the Viennese master builder Alois Hildwein as a tenement building in the architectural style of the Biedermeier era, when, due to the upswing of the urban middle-class bourgeoisie during the 1820s, a boom in civic building activity ensued and residential development became the prime realm of investment. The tenement building on Buchfeldgasse Nr. 17 (completed by Ignaz Göll in 1828) and the residential building on Buchfeldgasse Nr. 4 (1827) were penned by Alois Hildwein as well. All three buildings are protected historic landmarks of Vienna's city centre.<ref name="AZW">Architekturzentrum Wien: Architektenlexikon Wien 1770-1945: Alois Hildwein, (Retrieved 2 July 2012)</ref><ref name="DEHIO">Wolfgang Czerny, Ingrid Kastel: Dehio Wien Vorstädte: II. bis IX. und XX. Bezirk. In: Dehio Handbuch: Die Kunstdenkmäler Österreichs; hrsg. vom Institut für Österreichische Kunstforschung des Bundesdenkmalamtes: Band 2 für Wien. Vienna: A.Schroll, 1993, p.346-347, ISBN 3703106808</ref>

According to historical documents, the former tenement building was established as a hotel in 1897. It was named in honour of the Austrian statesman, diplomat, minister of foreign and domestic affairs Johann Philipp von Stadion. With only one discontinuity from July 1945 to December 1948 during the four-power occupation of Vienna the hotel has continuously been in operation since its foundation.<ref name="Hist"/> The building was modernized in 1984 and completely renovated in 1999. Since May 1999 it is managed by Milan Oborny. Today the house is regarded as "one of the few genuine Biedermeier-style hotels left in Vienna".

File:Hotel Graf Stadion 1897.jpg
Historic document from 7 August 1897 on the foundation of Hotel Graf Stadion issued by the Vienna city magistrate for the 8th district.




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