Hottingen (Zürich)

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File:Adlisberg - Hottingen - Uetlibergturm IMG 1610.JPG
Adlisberg and Hottingen, as seen from Uetliberg, Seefeld quarter in the foreground, Grand Hotel Dolder in the background (October 2009)
File:Karte Quartier Hottingen.png
The quarter of Hottingen in Zürich.

Hottingen is a quarter in District 7 in Zürich. It was formerly a municipality of its own, but was incorporated into Zürich in 1893.

The quarter has a population of 10,100 in an area of Template:Convert.

Hottingen is located on the southern side of the Adlisberg. The upper part of Hottingen is called Dolder and is a residential quarter of Zürich.




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