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The Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Hungarian: Magyar Képz?m?vészeti Egyetem) is the central Hungarian art school in Budapest, Andrássy Avenue. It was founded in 1871 as the Hungarian Royal Drawing School (Magyar Királyi Mintarajztanoda) and has been called University of Fine Arts since 2001.


right Until the mid-19th century, Hungarian artists were learning fine arts in Western European academies. The National Society of Hungarian Fine Arts (Országos Magyar Képz?m?vészeti Társulat) founded in 1861 was initiating the establishment of a Hungarian school of fine arts. Owing to this movement the Hungarian Royal Drawing School and Art Teachers’ College (Magyar Királyi Mintarajztanoda és Rajztanárképezde) was opened in 1871. The present-day building of the university was built in 1877, designed by Alajos Rauscher and Adolf Lang.

In later decades, the school developed programs for training not only painters and sculptors, but artist-craftsmen, mosaic- and gobelin-makers, stage-designers, costumers, and restorers. Numerous prominent Hungarian artists taught there, including the painters Károly Ferenczy, János Vaszary, Viktor Olgyai, Róbert Berény, János Kmetty, Aurél Bernáth, Géza Fónyi, Jen? Barcsay, Gyula Hincz, and Károly Koffán; the sculptor Béni Ferenczy and other notable artists.

Presidents from 1871

  • 1871-1902: Gusztáv Keleti, painter
  • 1902-1905: Bertalan Székely, painter
  • 1905-1920: Pál Szinyei Merse, painter
  • 1921-1923: Károly Lyka, art historian
  • 1923-1925: István Csók painter
  • 1925-1927: Oszkár Glatz, painter
  • 1927-1931: István Réti, painter
  • 1931-1932: Károly Andreetti, architect
  • 1932-1935: István Réti, painter
  • 1935-1937: Ágost Benkhard, painter
  • 1937-1939: Antal Meyer, artist-craftsman
  • 1939-1940: Gyula Rudnay, painter
  • 1940: Dezs? Pilch, painter
  • 1940-1941: Ferenc Sidló, sculptor
  • 1941-1943: Dezs? Pilch, painter
  • 1943: László Kandó, painter
  • 1943-1945: Jen? Bory, architect, sculptor
  • 1945: Lajos Varga-Nándor, draughtsman, painter
  • 1945-1947: László Kandó, painter
  • 1947-1949: Pál Pátzay, sculptor
  • 1949-1956: Sándor Bortnyik painter, draughtsman
  • 1956-1973: Endre Domanovszky, painter
  • 1973-1985: József Somogyi, sculptor
  • 1985-1989: István Kiss, sculptor
  • 1990-1995: Lajos Sváby painter
  • 1995-2002: Árpád Szabados painter
  • 2002-2005: Ádám Farkas sculptor
  • 2005-: Frigyes K?nig, painter


  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Hungary, Budapest, 1062 Andrássy út 69-71.) with the Barcsay-hall.
  • Strawberry's Garden (Budapest, 1063 Kmety Gy u. 26-28. )
  • Feszty House (Budapest, 1063, Bajza u. 39)
  • Somogyi József Artists' Colony (Tihany, 8237 Major u. 63.)



Barcsay-hall is the biggest gallery to exhibit the student's and foreign's artworks. But you will find 4 other smaller places to show the artworks. (Barcsay-terem)

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