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IJsselmonde is a township located in the southeastern corner of the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. As of 2006 it has 58,782 inhabitants.

The name IJsselmonde is also used as the name of the island in the Maasdelta bordered by the Nieuwe Maas to the north and the Oude Maas to the south. IJssel in the name IJsselmonde refers to the fact that this island at the mouth of the Hollandse IJssel.


The executive committee of the district is formed by Marco Rook (chairman, PvdA), Karel Jungheim (economic affairs, CDA), Juan Jonas (safety, PvdA), Elbert Kelholt (culture, GroenLinks) and Wouter Boonzaaijer (finance, transport and environment, ChristenUnie - SGP).

Notable people

Paul de Leeuw was born in IJsselmonde.

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