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Template:Infobox German location Iffezheim is a town in the district of Rastatt in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It lies close to the Rhine river, where the Lock Iffezheim is also situated.



  • Jakob Huber (1891–1893)
  • Konrad Mußler (1893–1911)
  • Johannes N. Huber (1911–1919)
  • Anton Oesterle (1920–1932)
  • Friedrich König (1932–1939)
  • Heinrich Hertweck (1939–1945)
  • Franz Xaver Huber (1945–1961)
  • Albin König (1961–1978)
  • Otto Himpel (1978–2002)
  • Peter Werler (since 2002)

Civil parish

Results of the Kommunalwahl from 13 June 2004:

  1. CDU: 44.8% (6 seats)
  2. FWG: 33.0% (5 seats)
  3. SPD: 22.2% (3 seats)

Twin cities

Iffezheim is twinned with:

Coat of arms

The current coat of arms, which was already used in the 16th century, shows an inverted black anchor with a red rudder on a white ground. It's the official seal of Iffezheim since the 19th century. In the meantime a so-called Wolfsangel was in use.



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