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Template:Unreferenced The Institut de rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze de Belgique exists from the beginning of the fifties. In 1975, the State of Belgium recognizes it as a National Institution of Musical Education. It is located in the old "Doctor Van Neck's hospital", first work of the famous Belgian architect Antoine Pompe (address: 53 Wafelaerts Street in Brussels). Since 1997, it is managing by Director Pierre Kolp .

Eyrhythmics as Music Education

The Institut de rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze develops Swiss pedagogue Emile Jaques-Dalcroze's method. The Dalcroze Eurhythmics starts from the idea that the first instrument one has, is the body, since the birth. The learning of art expression must pass by the relations between the body, the space and the time. Dalcroze works on this relation thanks to the rhythm and elaborates, as a background, an education linked sensibility of perceptions ans understanding of happenings. By series of exercises, the method permits to link space and time in an artistic dimension. Since 1975, the Belgian Dalcroze Institute purposes multidisciplinar artistic formations that integrate creativity, interactivity and improvisation. The curricula are based on the sudy of music, dance and rhythms.

Bachelor and Master in Art Education Pedagogy

The Institute Jaques-Dalcroze of Belgium, as well as the Institute Jaques-Dalcroze of Geneva, forms music education teachers that are able to use the Dalcroze method. The Institute Jaques-Dalcroze of Geneva also organises a Master.

Eurhythmics International Federation

Nowadays, the Dalcroze Eurhythmics is taught all over the world. The teachers founded an International Association of Eurhythmics teachers (FIER - Fédération Internationale des Enseignants de Rythmique) benched in Geneva. This association publishes annually Le Rythme/The Rhythm, a book presenting the results of researches.

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