Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy

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The Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow" of the Romanian Academy is a research institute in Bucharest, specialized in Mathematics. It was named after Simion Stoilow, who was its first Director, in 1949. In 1974 Nicolae Ceau?escu's daughter Zoia was permitted into the institute because of her degree in Mathematics and her father being the communist head of state. Her parents were not happy with her choice in studying Mathematics so her father issued a decree and the Institute was closed down in April, 1975; it reopened in January 1990, in the immediate aftermath of the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

In April 2000, the Institute was nominated as a Centre of Excellence in Research, through a competition organized by the European Commission.

The Institute is located on Calea Grivi?ei, in central Bucharest.

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