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300px left International Fair Plovdiv (Template:Lang-bg), held in Plovdiv, is Bulgaria's largest and oldest international trade fair. It was established in August 1892 as an industrial and agricultural show.

During its first year, the Plovdiv Fair had an exhibition area of 90,000 m², participants from 24 countries and 162,000 visitors during its two and a half months. A National Industrial Exhibition was organized in 1933 that had 424 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors, being the first sample fair in Plovdiv. A second followed in 1934, when the Plovdiv Fair was proclaimed permanent and the only in Bulgaria on 16 May. The fair officially became an international one by joining UFI in 1936, when over 1,000 Bulgarian and 385 foreign companies took part.

The modern International Fair Plovdiv is situated in a large-scale exhibition complex of 360,000 m², of which 95,000 m² exhibition area (and 60,000 m² indoor). The fair has 24 multifunctional pavilions and has the largest size in Southeastern Europe. Some 40 shows are held a year, in which 7,000 exhibitors from 58 countries participate.

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