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Template:Advert Template:Coord Template:Infobox company ISOFOTON is a global company, present in over 60 countries. ISOFOTON is involved in designing, manufacturing, and supplying Solar Energy products. Its activities are centered in three technology categories: Photovoltaic, Thermal, and High Concentration Photovoltaic.


ISOFOTON was founded in Málaga (Spain) in 1981 as a spin-off of a university project driven by Professor D. Antonio Luque of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, its first Chairman of the Board.

In 1985 ISOFOTON consolidated its activities in the solar energy field, incorporating the production technology of thermal collectors.

In 1997 the Bergé Group became the owner of ISOFOTON. In July 2007 the Alba Corporation bought 26% of the company with the intention of joining the stock market.

In February 2008, company CEO José Luis Manzano was relieved from duty. Carlos Torres, former managing director of Endesa, took his place.

In July of the same year, the Bergé Group bought back 26% of ISOFOTON, property of Alba Corporation.

Since July 2010 ISOFOTON is part of the AFFIRMA Business Group (80% ownership), whom expertise in the development of solar projects. ISOFOTON is also owned by TOPTEC (20% ownership), a South Korean company that specializes in industrial automation.


The factory in Málaga has more than 28000 m2 of facilities and is located in the Andalusia Technology Park. In 2011 a new automated manufacturing line of conventional solar modules was inaugurated. This addition to the factory is based on the most advanced technology on the market that will almost double the production capacity of the plant, making it more competitive and efficient.Template:Citation needed

The factory is also an example of integration of photovoltaic technology, built following criteria of bioclimatic architecture. The facades incorporate special ceramic photovoltaic modules architecturally integrated for grid connection. On the factory roof there is an installation of thermal collectors which provide hot water for industrial processes and vacuum tubes for air conditioning. In addition, the skylight is composed by grid connected PV modules. In 2008 this facility received the Eurosolar award by the European Association for Renewable Energies in the category of "Solar Architecture Projects.”

Business Lines

ISOFOTON has 3 business lines that cover the entire value chain of technology for the use of light and solar irradiation:

Production of conventional photovoltaic modules and trackers

These modules are distributed independently or together with single/dual axis trackers, developed by AFFIRMA ENERGY. Installations of modules with trackers guarantee the maximum use of solar radiation in all weather conditions. Power output increases up to 42% in comparison to modules without trackers.

Production of high concentration modules (HCPV)

ISOFOTON is a pioneerTemplate:Citation needed in investigating high concentration photovoltaic technology. High concentration modules guarantee an increased power output of almost 50% in locations of high levels of solar irradiation. HCPV modules are sold with the latest trackers engineered by INDRA.

Research and Development

The R&D branch maintains active lines of investigation that allow being prepared for rapid industrialization due to scientific achievements.

ISOFOTON works in collaboration with universities and research centers in Spain and around the world. Among its principal strategic alliances, they have agreements with companies such as INDRA for the development of trackers designed for HCPV modules, or the ISFOC for research in this field.Template:Citation needed

Many research projects held by ISOFOTON have an international dimension. ISOFOTON is currently involved in several projects in the FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development). One of them is related to high concentration photovoltaic technology and three are dedicated to silicon technology.Template:Citation needed

ISOFOTON Worldwide

Since the beginning ISOFOTON has drawn a tendency to expand internationally, developing projects and opening subsidiary offices in strategic countries.Template:Citation needed ISOFOTON currently has representatives in the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Morocco, China, USA, South Korea and United Arab Emirates.

Commitment to sustainable development

Since 2001 ISOFOTON maintains an environmental management system certified by the ISO 14001 norm.Template:Citation needed

In 2008 ISOFOTON reinforced its commitment to the environment by adhering to the EMAS Regulation of the European Union. In 2010 they adapted their environmental commitment to R. 1221/2009 (EMAS III).

With the purpose of making the photovoltaic industry an example of true sustainability, in 2007 ISOFOTON promoted the creation of the PV CYCLE Association, which aims to ensure the collection and recycling of photovoltaic modules at the end of its useful life.

ISOFOTON strictly meets the environmental legislation, in terms of pollution control, as well as conservation of natural resources.Template:Citation needed

Emblematic projects

ISOFOTON is a pioneer in the development of solar energy projects located in rural and urban areas. These are some representative projects: thumb

Photovoltaic roof at the offices of Reis Robotics (Obernburg am Main, Germany)

Photovoltaic installation located at the Reis Robotics central offices in Obernburg am Main, Germany. The total power output is 1 MW.

Photovoltaic pergola at the Forum of Cultures (Barcelona, Spain)

Photovoltaic system of nearly 4000 m2 and 2682 I-165 modules built into a giant pergola.

Photovoltaic generation plant (Carmona, Spain)

With 46 hectares, this project is the largest facility that ISOFOTON has in Spain. It consists of 225 dual-axis trackers that generate 6.04 MW. thumb

PV Soundless: Sound Barrier on the A92 motorway (Freising, Germany)

The PV sound barrier located on the A92 motorway, with a length of 1.2 km, protects Freising from noise, while generating electricity that is injected into the network. In this pilot project, funded by the EU, special ceramic modules were used for soundproofing. A total of 6750 ceramic modules and 1080 standard modules were used in this project (500 kW).

Torelli Pierluigi Factory: Photovoltaic Roof (Parma, Italy)

Project conducted by the Italian ISOFOTON branch, it consists of a photovoltaic solar installation on the roof of the Torelli Pierluigi factory in Parma. The generated electricity is injected into the national electrical grid. The project occupies the entire extension of the warehouse roof (2900 m2). In total it consists of 672 photovoltaic modules which produce an output of 100.8 kW.

Micro-photovoltaic stations (Morocco)

Installation of 1215 photovoltaic micro-plants connected to the grid with a total of 760 kW of installed power distributed throughout small installations that vary from 500 to 1000 kW. This project is part of the ONE initiative (Office National d'Electricite in Morocco) aimed at developing solar systems in urban areas. thumb

Thermal Solar Energy at Barcelona Airport (Spain)

The new terminal at Barcelona Airport is the site of one of Europe’s largest thermal solar energy facilities. ISOFOTON has installed 696 thermal solar panels on a total surface of 1535 m2, equivalent to 1072 kWth.

Photovoltaic Greenhouse (Recanati, Italy)

The PV system of 250 kW located in Recanati, southern Italy, was specially designed to fit the greenhouse dimensions, replacing the original glass covering.


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