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File:Cimetière d'Ixelles 07.JPG
Military monument, sculptor Charles Samuel, at the "pelouse d'honneur".

The Ixelles Cemetery (French: Cimetière d'Ixelles, Dutch: begraafplaats van Elsene), located in Ixelles in the southern part of Brussels, is one of the major cemeteries in Belgium.

The Ixelles Cemetery also refers to a neighbourhood with a lot of bars and restaurants for students, north of the actual cemetery. It is in fact located between the two main campuses of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Solbosch and La Plaine).


Personalities buried here include:

  • Luigi Bigiarelli, (1876–1908), athlete, founder of the S.S. Lazio
  • Anna Boch (1848–1936), painter
  • Jules Bordet (1870–1961), Nobel Prize in medicine
  • Georges Boulanger (1837–1891), French Minister of War and exile in Belgium, who committed suicide here in September 1891
  • Victor Bourgeois (1897–1962), architect and urban planner
  • Marcel Broodthaers (1924–1976), artist
  • Fernand Brouez (1861–1900), editor La Société Nouvelle
  • Charles De Coster (1827–1879), novelist
  • Neel Doff (1858–1942), artists' model and writer
  • Jean Isaac Effront (1856–1931), inventor
  • Édouard Louis Geerts (1846–1889), sculptor, whose tomb was designed by architect Victor Horta and sculptor Charles van der Stappen
  • Lucette Heuseux (1913–2010), painter
  • Victor Horta (1861–1947), architect
  • Louis Hymans (1829–1884), journalist and politician
  • Paul Hymans (1865–1941), statesman
  • Camille Lemonnier (1844–1913), writer
  • Constantin Meunier (1831–1905), painter and sculptor
  • Jean-Baptiste Moëns (1833–1908), philatelist
  • Frederic Neuhaus (1846–1912), pharmacist, inventor of chocolate pralines
  • Paul Saintenoy (1862–1952), architect
  • Ernest Solvay (1838–1922), chemist and industrialist, tomb designed by Victor Horta
  • Carl Sternheim (1878–1942), German writer
  • Joseph Wieniawski (1837–1912), composer
  • Antoine Wiertz (1806–1865), painter
  • Eugène Ysaÿe (1858–1931), violinist
  • Marc Van Bever (1974–2010), film producer

War Graves

In the "pelouse d'honneur" in Block A are buried First World War soldiers from Belgium, France, Italy, Russia and Great Britain (twelve identified soldiers) who died mainly as prisoners-of-war.<ref name=cwgc>[1] CWGC Cemetery Report. British details obtained from casualty record.</ref>




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