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The Jaap Eden baan is an ice rink located in the Watergraafsmeer, a neighbourhood in the east of Amsterdam. The rink is named after the famous Dutch ice skater Jaap Eden.

It contains a 400-metre lane and Jaap Edenhal. The hall is the home of the semi-professional Amsterdam G's of the NIJB Eredivisie, and the amateur Amstel Tijgers of the Eerste Divisie. There is also a rink for children and beginners beside the course proper, and a climbing wall.<ref name=Fischer>Ulli Fischer, "Typisch Amsterdams - Jaap Edenbaan: IJspret voor generaties Amsterdammers", Amsterdam.nl, 7 November 2005 Template:Nl icon</ref>

When the Jaap Eden baan opened in December 1961, it was the first artificial 400-metre ice rink in the Netherlands and the third in the world.<ref name=Fischer/> The ice is created by spraying water on concrete that rests on a framework of some 269 tubes filled with evaporating ammonia. Built on an existing athletic track, it was originally intended to be dismantled every summer, but the process required so much work that it was only done once.<ref name=Fischer/>



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