Jamestown Harbour

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File:Jamestown harbour canary view.jpg
A view of Jamestown Harbour looking across Blackwall Basin towards Canary Wharf
File:Landons close from poplar marina.jpg
Landons Close from Poplar Marina

Jamestown Harbour is a low-density luxury housing development of 73 homes that sits on the eastern edge of the Canary Wharf estate between Poplar Marina and Blackwall Marina. It is spread across three cul-de-sacs, being: Landons Close; Bridge House Quay; and Lancaster Drive.

Jamestown Harbour is also surrounded by 5 heritage waterways, which are: ?Poplar Dock and its sole ancillary structure, ?the Poplar Dock Entrance Lock. Both are Grade II listed.  ?Blackwall Basin and its two ancillary structures, ?the Blackwall Basin Entrance Lock, and ?the Blackwall Basin Graving Dock. All three are Grade I listed.

It was designed by WCEC Architects for the Wates Group and was completed circa 1985. Jamestown Harbour was one of the first housing developments of the original Docklands regeneration scheme. With its brick built warehouse style exteriors and distinctive blue and red balconies, it was designed to recreate the appearance of traditional river and dockside warehouses.

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