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File:Schaerbeek Parc Josaphat 903.jpg
Statue of Boreas by sculptor Joseph Van Hamme, Josaphat Park

Josaphat Park is a public park designed by Edmond Galoppin of Melsbroek. It is located in the municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels. The football stadium that was formerly used by the K.V.V. Crossing Elewijt lies on the North-West corner of the park. There is also an elementary school (Chazal school), a tennis club (R.T.C. Lambermont) and some ponds.

The park is a remainder of the old Linthout forest that began at Dailly square. It was inaugurated by King Leopold II of Belgium on June 6, 1904. Its name comes from the resemblance between the valley of the Roodebeek (a tributary of the Maalbeek) where the park is located and the Valley of Josaphat in the Holy Land, noted by a pilgrim back from Palestine in 1574.

A collection of statues in the park include work by sculptors Jules Lagae, Victor Rousseau, and Albert Desenfans.

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