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Template:Infobox building Kant-Garage, also known in German as Kant-Garagen-Palast (Kant Parking Palace), is a multi-storey car park on Kantstrasse in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin that opened in 1930.

The first multi-level parking garage in Berlin, and considered to be one of few existing examples of industrial Bauhaus architecture, it is registered as an historic building and is still used for car parking, although its future is in doubt.

Background and design

Kant-Garage was designed by architect Hermann Zweigenthal (also known as Hermann Herrey) and Richard Paulick in collaboration with entrepreneur and engineer Louis Serlin. The engineering of the design was the creation of the firm Lohmüller, Korschelt & Renker.<ref name="architectuul">Template:Cite web</ref> It is a six-storey garage with 300 parking spots, 200 of which were designed as boxes with steel doors to meet fire regulations. The back of the building is covered with a curtain wall.<ref name="architectuul" /> The ramp-system of the garage – a double-helix ramp, also known as a double-spiral ramp – was the first of its kind in Germany. Today, it is considered unique as the oldest garage with this style of ramp in Europe, and the second oldest in the world.<ref name="architectuul" /> The garage was registered as an historic monument in 1991, and is considered an important example of inter-war automotive architecture. Its future is uncertain as its owner has applied for it to be demolished.



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